Building a Goban

For the surfers beaching here by chance, Go is a game and has nothing to do with boats!
The Goban is the board used to play
For further details on the game, follow the links

It's easy and much less expensive than buying !!

I've found a piece of Framire wood 9cm thick.
It's a yellow strawcoloured wood, nice pattern (picture) but rather hard to work with.
It's the best I could find for a goban (no kaya available!!).


Begin with cuttin at the good dimensions.
Plane with an electric planer
(difficult to work with hand planer because the fibers tend to tear off).


Sand the faces to have them perfectly flat and smooth.


The first thing to do is to have a try on a piece of wood to make sure that the wood, varnish and ink are compatible.
You will put at leat 3 coats of a good uncolored varnish with sanding between each.
Sand also the last coat with a very thin grain water sandpaper in order to let the ink stick on the varnish.
Then draw a few lines with a 1mm tubular draftsman pen.
For the hoshi, you will find easier to use a circlular template.
Let dry and put several coats of varnish with sanding between.
You will also lightly sand the last coat and put wax in order to have nice mat surface.

"Et voilà!", if, you're happy with the result, do the same with the goban!
for the legs you will cut 4 identical blocks and glue them.
I've also glued a protection pad under the legs.

That's all, I don't play better but it's even more pleasant!!